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Re-Maps - Venom Eco & Power

Click on your vehicle make on the left hand side to see the gains you could get from having a Venom Re-Map. If you don't see your make or model, please email us at with your vehicle details.

Venom Engine management software is one of the best developed re-mapping products available at the lowest price. Our software is developed through testing and research to deliver a great performing tune for your car whilst retaining stock engine safety parameters and software coding.


Why install a venom Re-Map?

Our product is top quality and our prices are much lower than our competitors! Beware of many so called 'customised tunes'! All to often these are made using guesswork on site by downloading your vehicle's software then changing parameters to a guessed safe level, this could mean your turbo is boosting too much or your exhaust gas temperature may be at dangerous levels. When Venom software is developed all engine parameters are monitored along with the power increase to see how our changes are affecting the engine then a generic software is written for all models with the same engine which can be tweaked when installing to the vehicle to provide a safe, high performing, true customised modification for your vehicle.


We have tested our software on cars with higher mileage as well as low, Provided your car is serviced at correct intervals and looked after correctly we are confident that Venom software will not prematurely end the life of your engine.

Performance Re-Mapping

Power Tuning is for those drivers who feel there vehicle is a not living

up to its potential.

By increasing the power of your vehicle, with a Venom PowerMap

you are enabling yourself a more pleasurable, safer drive - without the

outlay for a new vehicle.

Bullet More power
Bullet More Torque 
Bullet More progressive delivery of power, for a smoother drive
Bullet Improved throttle response
Economy Re-Map

A Venom EcoMap Tune on your vehicle, will deliver the optimum

economy for the vehicle and provide a smooth increase to the power.

Bullet Up to 20% improved fuel economy
Bullet Improved MPG- Reduced emissions (subject to Vehicle type)
Bullet Enhanced sharper throttle response
Bullet Smoother more progressive power delivery

Some Power and Torque improvements

All of our maps are fully guaranteed, we always keep a backed-up file of your original map that is removed and replaced with the new one, so we are always happy to flash back your old map, should you require it.

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